Who's protecting your data rights?

No One!

Posted by Robert Lash Jr on January 24, 2019

A person's data rights are paramount.

Who benefits from the centralization and combination of every persons data in one place, under one roof, like Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn? Corporations that sell or give away your data are the ones who benefit.

On the other hand, who benefits from the decentralization of a person's data, each person's data siloed, separate, distinct. The individual benefits.

One Website Each, Each person/individual having full access to it, full rights to control it and full rights to distribute it.

Individual data rights, the key to any data systems of real benefit to humanity. Every individual should have control of their own data, who benefits if a persons data is fully connected to them by law? The individual does.

Underpinning a persons data should be a trusted, distributed, peer based, identity framework. Proof that your data is your data.

We believe the world's next technical iteration will involve individuals, and individual data rights. All persons having full possession of and responsibility for their data.